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Metaforum will stay open during the entire break. Come join with your study-mates!


Make new friends during the holidays!

Group activities

Information on dinners, cookie and painting pick-ups


Extra classes at the sports centre

Mental wellbeing

TU/e and external help


Having fun with your friends or meet new people!

Have yourself an active holiday season with the offline program filled with festive dinners, free sportive and creative activities and buttloads of cookies! The perfect moment to break those winter blues together with our lovely TU/e community!

Metaforum opening times

Grab your fellow study partners and head over to the library between December 24-31 for some extra studying sessions! For all the dates and times click on the icon.


Play sports together with your friends, housemates or meet new people there! The Student Sports Center will be open from 27-30 December with fun group lessons classes, plenty mix&meet sports or break a sweat in the gym together!

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Check this website regularly for new events!

Or check our the TU/e instagram to get the latest news


It is important to pay attention to your mental health and be kind to yourself. If you would like to talk with one of the volunteers of the TU/e community you can join the ‘Walk&Talk’. There are also external help sources such as ‘Frisse gedachtes’, the Self- help Network and Mind Support. For more information click on the buttons and find out which support works best for you!

Walk & Talk

Talk to volunteers from the TU/e

Frisse gedachtes

Volunteers are ready for your chat or call to talk about anything you want. Go to

Self help Network eindhoven

An organization supporting self help groups

Mind Support

Offers support for people with mild mental health difficulties


Looking for friendships within Eindhoven through shared interests?
Activitree has created a platform where Dutch and international members of the Eindhoven community can create and join activities for free! What sparks your interest?

Finding a sports buddy, doing board or video games, cooking together, going for walks, learning Dutch or another language, playing music together?

All you need to do is download the app and become part of our social community where you will be welcomed into the friend zone!
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